Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Reflecting back on Erazerhead I find it interesting that the urge to get back out is less than it would be on an easier route. Its only been a couple of days but normally by now I'd be scanning the guide books looking for the next objective, obviously this fix was a bigger hit and like any other drug the effects are lasting longer.
The climb itself was interesting, in that most winter lines I've done have followed distinctive features, a corner or obvious crack. This line was more intricate revealing itself as you climbed.
A couple of thin hooks, gain a bit more height, then scrape away the snow, (before the arms give up) to reveal the next hold, then checking the wide angle view, looking for the bigger features to link together.
It made for exciting climbing with a high level of uncertainty and once I'd committed to the wall it was going to end, either with success or major air time due to the run outs.
This time it was success.

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